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Established in 1988; reorganised in 2012
Churches: 2

The history of the church in Cyprus

The first Adventist to go to Cyprus was Moses Boursalian, an Arminian who fled there with his family from Antioch, Turkey, about 1912. For years he quietly plied his comb-making trade and talked of his beliefs to his neighbours. Later his son John became the first Adventist colporteur on the island. In 1930 there was a company of about 10 adherents in Nicosia.

Except for visits by Adventist ministers to baptise new converts and hold communion services, there was no Adventist work for many years. Finally in 1923, R S Greaves and his wife, retired missionaries to Turkey and Greece, made Cyprus their home and became pioneer workers on the island. 

Territory: The southern portion of Cyprus (the northern portion is in the Middle East and North Africa Union Mission).

Statistics (June 30, 2020): Churches, 2; membership, 110; population, 867,000 (online statistics).


President, Branislav Mirilov.

Secretary-Treasurer, Dean G. Papaioannou.

Legal Associations:

The Seventh-day Adventists in Cyprus Ltd.